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1. Botany
2. Chemical Constituents
3. Medicinal Properties & Use
4. Varieties
5. Soil & Climate
6. Propagation
7. Planting
8. Manuring
9. Pest & Diseases
10. Harvest & Processing
11. Related Species
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It is an evergreen glabrous plant with numerous branches and leaves.

The plant remains lush green even during summer and it is not eaten away by cattle, hence ideal for growing in homesteads.

It is cultivated for medicinal uses; also grown as ornamental in pots and as hedge plant in gardens.

Scientific name : Justicia beddomei

Family         : Acanthaceae

Vernacular names

English         : Malabar nut

Malayala : Chittadalotakam  

Hindi              : Arusa

Sanskrit         : Vasa, Vasaka

Tamil              : Adutota   

Telungu          : Addasaramu