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1. Botany & Varieties
2. Chemical Constituents
3. Medicinal Properties & Use
4. Soil & Climate
5. Propagation
6. Planting & Aftercare
7. Pest & Diseases
8. Harvest & Processing
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Planting  &  aftercare

 Planting is done in May-June with the receipt of 4 or 5 pre-monsoon showers.
The field is ploughed to a fine tilth and raised beds of 1m width and convenient length are taken and seed rhizomes are placed in small pits taken at spacing 25 X 25 cm spacing and covered with dry cowdung. The beds are then mulched with  green leaves or dry straw.
Manures and fertilizers
Basal: FYM 4 tons/ acre  Topdressing:  At  45 and 90 days of  planting, the field  is to be cleared of weeds and  40 kg urea, 50 kg rajphos & 18  kg potash per acre  are to be applied and earthed up.