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3. Medicinal Properties & Use
4. Soil & Climate
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6. Planting & Aftercare
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8. Harvest & Processing
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Harvest & processing

The crop matures in 7- 8 months. Drying up of leaves is the indication of maturity. Dig out the rhizomes without causing damage, remove dried leaves and roots.

The average yield of fresh rhizome is 10-12 tons /acre. The rhizomes can be marketed as fresh or sliced into pieces and sundried. Drying gives 20-25% recovery.

Value added products
1. Rhizome powder : sundried rhizome slices are powdered and sieved and packed airtight.
1 kg powder is obtained from 6  kg fresh rhizome .

2. Essential oil :
The rhizome is thinly sliced and steam distilled for 3-4 hours for extracting the essential oil
Oil yield: 0.33 % on fresh weight basis and 1.05 % on dry weight basis
Oleoresin : Extraction in alcohol solvent yield 10-11.5% oleoresin on dry weight basis.