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1. Botany & Varieties
2. Vetiver types
3. Chemical Constituents
4. Medicinal Properties & Use
5. Soil & Climate
6. Propagation
7. Planting & Aftercare
8. Pest & Diseases
9. Harvest & Processing
Vetiver Cultivation in Sandy Tracts
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Vetiver types

There are seeding and non seeding cultivars.
a. North Indian types
Seeding type, possess better aroma, superior oil quality
Rooting tends to be shallow, especially in damp soil.

b. South Indian types
Mostly non-seeding type, have extensive root system and  higher oil content.
It is densely tufted with a thicker stem, with less branching roots and wider leaves and it is the cultivated type. This is distributed throughout tropics. Since non-flowering, it does not spread naturally; it is reproduced by vegetative propagation and it is the type suitable for erosion control.

Improved varieties Release centre
ODV – 3    
AMPRS, Odakkali  

KS-1 & KS-2,         
CIM Vriddhi

CIMAP, Lucknow
Pusa Hybrid-8  
NBPGR, New Delhi