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1. Botany & Varieties
2. Vetiver types
3. Chemical Constituents
4. Medicinal Properties & Use
5. Soil & Climate
6. Propagation
7. Planting & Aftercare
8. Pest & Diseases
9. Harvest & Processing
Vetiver Cultivation in Sandy Tracts
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Planting  &  aftercare

 The most suitable time for planting is early June to early August with onset of monsoon.
Land is prepared by 2-3 deep ploughings, farm yard manure or compost is applied at 2-4 tons/acre and planted in beds at a spacing of 45 x 30 cm.  Mulching with straw after planting helps to control weed growth.

Manures and fertilizers: Normally, fertilizer application is not practiced in fertile soils.
On poor soils, urea, rajphos and potash may be applied  at 25 kg, 70 kg and 20 kg per acre respectively. Entire dose of rajphos is applied basally; urea and potash are to be applied as 2 -3 splits.