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1. Botany & Varieties
2. Vetiver types
3. Chemical Constituents
4. Medicinal Properties & Use
5. Soil & Climate
6. Propagation
7. Planting & Aftercare
8. Pest & Diseases
9. Harvest & Processing
Vetiver Cultivation in Sandy Tracts
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Pest & Diseases

Vetiver is a very hardy crop. Infestation by diseases and pests is not of serious concern.

Termites infesting clumps
Root grubs -Phyllophaga serrata 
Stem borer, Chilo sp.
Scale insects

Control: Termites and root grubs are controlled by broadcasting lindane dust at 10 kg/acre before final ploughing.

Stem borer and scale insects are kept under check by the application of chlorpyriphos at 1 litre/acre.

Fusarium blight
Leaf blight disease caused by Curvularia trifolii

Control: Repeated spray¬ing and drenching with copper oxychloride or 1% Bor¬deaux mixture.