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4. Types
5. Improved Varieties
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East Indian LEMONGRASS / Cochin grass / Malabar grass

Lemongrass is a tropical perennial plant which yields aromatic oil on steam distillation of the herbage.
The oil has a typical lemon-like odour.
The crop is suitable for marginal and waste lands and also along the bunds as live mulch.

India contributes to about 85% of total world production.


Scientific name: Cymbopogon flexuosus (Nees ex Steud ) Wats.

Family            :  Gramineae (Poaceae)
English           : East Indian Lemongrass
Malayalam      : Inchippullu, Theruvappullu, Malabar grass
Sanskrit         : Karpoorathrina, Sugandhathrina, Bhustarah
Tamil             : Vaasanappullu, Karpoorappullu
Telugu           : Vaasanagaddi, Chippagaddi, Nimmagaddi
Hindi              : Gandhatran
Bengali           : Gandhabena
Gujarathi        : Lilacha
Punjabi          : Khavi
Kannada        : Majjigehallu                             

East Indian lemongrass oil is known as Cochin oil in the world trade and it accepted as the finest oil.
The crop is grown in Kerala, Assam, Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh  and also in countries like Guatemala and China.
In Kerala, it is grown mainly in Marayoor and Peermede regions in Idukki district.