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1. Medicinal Properties & Use
2. Botany & Varieties
3. Chemical Constituents
4. Types
5. Improved Varieties
6. Soil & Climate
7. Propagation
8. Planting & Aftercare
9. Pest & Diseases
10. Harvest & Processing
11. Distillation
12. Purification & Storage
13. Seed Harvest
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Harvest & processing

Grass is harvested when individual tiller has 4-5 fully opened leaves. The plants are cut about 10-20 cm above the ground level with sickles. First harvest is obtained after 4-5 months of transplanting.
Crop should not be allowed to produce inflorescence as it adversely affects growth and development of plants on subsequent harvests.

The harvesting season begins in May and continues till the end of January. Sunny days are preferable, since cloudy and misty conditions tend to depress leaf oil content.
Grass harvested at an interval of 60-90 days. If harvesting interval is below 60 days, oil quality will be poor. Under normal conditions, 2-3 harvests are possible during the first year of planting and 3-4 in subsequent years.

Herbage yield : 3-4 tonnes/acre per harvest.

Average oil yield is 50-70 kg/acre/year. In second and subsequent years, 80-100 kg oil/acre  may be produced with good management and use of recommended variety.

In general, the recovery of oil is lower in rainy seasons (June - August) than in summer.