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1. Medicinal Properties & Use
2. Botany & Varieties
3. Chemical Constituents
4. Types
5. Improved Varieties
6. Soil & Climate
7. Propagation
8. Planting & Aftercare
9. Pest & Diseases
10. Harvest & Processing
11. Distillation
12. Purification & Storage
13. Seed Harvest
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Lemongrass oil is collected by distillation of the herbage for 1.5 to 2 hrs.  The distillate on cooling separates out into a layer of oil, floating over bulk of water which is collected by decantation.

The grass is distilled either fresh or after wilting.

There are  two types of distillation

i.    Hydro-distillation: In this method, the herb is packed in a vessel and partly filled with water. The vessel is heated by direct fire without an external boiler. This country method of distillation is less efficient, but the unit is simple and cheaper.

ii.    Steam distillation:  In this method, steam generated in an external boiler is introduced into the chamber. This method, though involves higher initial cost, is more efficient and the quality of oil obtained is superior.

For effective running of 500 l capacity stem distillation unit, herbage from 20 acre area is required.