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1. Medicinal Properties & Use
2. Botany & Varieties
3. Chemical Constituents
4. Types
5. Improved Varieties
6. Soil & Climate
7. Propagation
8. Planting & Aftercare
9. Pest & Diseases
10. Harvest & Processing
11. Distillation
12. Purification & Storage
13. Seed Harvest
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Purification and storage

Freshly distilled oil may contain some impurities and moisture. For removing moisture in the oil,  anhydrous sodium sulphate at the rate of 2 g/kg oil is added and kept overnight. The oil then can be filtered through filter paper or muslin cloth.

Oil of lemongrass is caustic in nature and volatile under ambient temperatures. It a viscous liquid, yellow to dark yellow or dark amber in colour turning red on prolonged storage due to chemical changes when exposed to air and sunlight.

During storage, oil should be filled up to the brim and containers should be kept in shaded or cool area away from direct heat and sunlight.
If the oil quantity is less, it can be easily stored in glass b
For large quantities, stainless steel or aluminium containers are preferred.