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1. Medicinal Properties & Use
2. Botany & Varieties
3. Chemical Constituents
4. Types
5. Improved Varieties
6. Soil & Climate
7. Propagation
8. Planting & Aftercare
9. Pest & Diseases
10. Harvest & Processing
11. Distillation
12. Purification & Storage
13. Seed Harvest
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Lemongrass grows well between 900 and 1250 m from mean sea level. Requires  a warm humid climate  with  plenty  of sunshine  and  rainfall  ranging from  2500-3000 mm

Day temperature of 25-30°C is optimum for maximum oil production
Rainfed areas with annual precipitation of more than 500mm and with limited availability of irrigation water; salt affected areas and plantations having about 30% shade etc can be utilized for lemongrass cultivation.
The species can be grown on a range of soils with good drainage and pH range 5.5 to 7.5.

Plants growing in sandy soils have higher leaf oil yield and citral content.