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1. Medicinal Properties & Use
2. Botany & Varieties
3. Chemical Constituents
4. Types
5. Improved Varieties
6. Soil & Climate
7. Propagation
8. Planting & Aftercare
9. Pest & Diseases
10. Harvest & Processing
11. Distillation
12. Purification & Storage
13. Seed Harvest
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Planting  &  aftercare

Planting is done with the onset of monsoon.
Land is prepared by 2-3 deep ploughings and  spent lemongrass compost at 4 t/ acre and wood ash at 1 t/acre, byproducts of grass distillation are applied at the time of bed formation. In slopes, beds are formed along the contours.
Application of 20 kg urea, 50 kg Rajphos and 15 kg Potash at the time of planting promotes early establishment and growth.
The uprooted seedlings are bundled, top portion cut and transported to the main field for planting.
A spacing of 30 cm x 30 cm with a plant density of 40000/acre is recommended. 

Small plantations of lemongrass can be established by planting of slips from existing healthy clumps. Clumps are uprooted, roots pruned and top portion cut at a height of 20-25 cm before separation of slips.
Seedling crop is superior since higher yield of good quality oil is obtained from this crop; longevity of the plants also is higher.
Field should be kept weed free for initial period of 3-4 months after planting. 
The crop may be topdressed with 80 kg urea /acre/year in 3 4 splits after every harvest.
Excess fertilizer application is undesirable as it promotes more vegetative growth and produce oil with less citral content.

Setting of fire
Under rainfed conditions, the field gives a dried appearance during December–May. The dry grass and stubbles of crop is set on fire in May, prior to onset of monsoon. This practice kills termites attacking crop stubbles,  ward off pests, diseases and weeds and also helps to rejuvenate old clumps.
 With the receipt of summer showers, new vigorous shoots develop. Weeding, manuring and earthing up is carried out during May – June.                                 

Cultivation using seedlings

Cultivation using slips
Setting up fire in Lemongrass field